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Technology Use Tips

How to turn on Closed Captioning within your Zoom account so that there is a LIVE transcript feed to all participants.

We request that anyone reading this message make a point to turn them on in their own organization but also, let’s work together for others and request that the hosts of meetings we attend turn on captioning or provide them with the instructions link to do so going forward. It is all of our responsibility to make our work and our world as accessible as possible to everyone. Thank you in advance for your attention and efforts on this. 

It is free to enable by any PAID account, and then free to any user in the meeting. So as long as you have a paid account you can turn them on immediately and upgrade your ADA compliance and better than that…automatically upgrade the user experience and ability to participate in the meeting as well as increase awareness on the importance and providing accessibility at all times…even when we are not aware that there are others that need it. 
Turning them on within the account is one click, then sending the instructions for Hosts to enable them and then to Users on how to turn them off if they do not want them would provide an instantaneous ADA compliance upgrade to the meetings as well as bring another option to connect better for anyone hard of hearing or experiencing an auditory disconnect.
The nice thing is if they are enabled in your Main account, the option to just run them on with one click becomes available in all meetings under that account.

While the Live captioning is not perfect, it is as great if not better than TV captioning or iphone text dictation (waaaay better than that!) and so I would include a quick disclaimer to people reminding them that they are not perfect BUT also direct people to the FULL transcript button which opens the transcript up into the sidebar AND allows them to save the full transcript which is great for content and a game-changer for anyone taking minutes.

It is pretty straightforward and any host can enable it in your paid account. Here is a link: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/207279736-Closed-captioning-and-live-transcription#h_4e6f4864-4f7e-441a-96a0-2f826cb79c7e

If you are reading this then you care about an accessible environment for all so thank you for joining us in this quick effort that results in opening the doors for many you might not be aware of need the assist.
We are happy to provide any assistance on this topic or setting. Just let us know you need help with it and we will set up a quick zoom and get you rolling…
Let’s keep working together to create as much digital (and other) accessibility as we can!
Thank you for spreading the word!
-Team CapeForward & You