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CapeForward Trifecta

Technology. Technical Process. Technique.

Our CapeForward Trifecta of Service

Technology. Technical Process. Technique. They are three things that are integral to the success of everything we do these days. If your technology does’t work production stops. If your technical processes are inefficient your technology won’t help it go faster. And if your technique is bad even the best technology in the world can’t make people want to work for you or do business with you. These things break us…and they MAKE us…

Yep. They make us. So we decided to make sure that we are always approaching service as a system of these services. We knew that if we could offer real solutions that balance the technology, the processes and the users-including staff, managers, customers and potential customers-that we would be offering a stronger service product with a superior result. So we did. The CapeForward Trifecta of Service.


We can help you improve your technology across the board. Whether it is researching to recommend and then replace a legacy system, converting to cloud document storage, weighing in on network options or showing up with our sleeves rolled up to do an upgrade with you…we communicate well and stay on top of your process and day to day operations so we can always hit the ground running as part of your team when you need us.

And because we work as a team with your company and with fellow municipalities, we are always ready to show up and do the work for you, with you, or help you find the right fit to get it done. We offer a variety of options to fit your staff size (or staff of 1) and project timeline.


Technical Design & Innovation

 Refine current technical processes or research new technology options to increase your company output.

Systems Analysis

Get the right tech system or better develop the users & software you already own to advance your efforts smarter not harder.

Tech Project Management

Advance technical projects, online communications, website goals and move initiatives forward with focused facilitation.

Web Development & Management

 Upgrade your online presence with regular website content, development & design to spread your message with ease. 

Technical Process

“If you automate a bad process, you just make bad things happen faster…”  That is one of the truest statements in technology today and is something to be especially mindful of as we convert more and more of our work to online processes and integration. Today’s tech systems are more than just hardware, they’re processes and users and everything in-between. Often what was once a good process has now become outdated or needs an overhaul to mesh with new workflow.

We can help dig into a new system, discover new ways to reach customers, or help you streamline your current processes to work smarter not harder. We specialize in converting old processes to technology while galvanizing and training current staff to love the upgrade and the new way to work today. 


Close the Tech Skills Gap

Discover the REAL gaps across company skills and upgrade your staff output with common sense tech training and upgrades.

Upgrade Office Processes

Often times it is an aged process holding progress back and keeping things clunky. Upgrade how it’s done and move forward. 

Expand Company Strategy

Explore new ways to redefine your company mission, meet current objectives & create new revenue and mission goals.

Process & Policy Development

Sometimes a company kick-start begins small with meeting process evaluations and cleanup.


It all comes down to your tact and technique. A company with a great product still needs the right technique to be successful and stand out from the rest. Whether it is skillful tact with customers, REAL Management of team issues or demonstrating diversity and inclusion through an empowering management approach, a current and polished technique is necessary for every company. We can help pave the path with successful management strategies and help align company and staff goals for future growth.

Check out our Power Series which offers a progressive and intelligent system restart from the top to promote diversity, equalize the gender tables and elevate company EQ on how to promote inclusion in the workplace and position your team and company as a leader in today’s business world.


Team Diversity & Inclusion

Lead the charge to diversify your staff, equalize gender opportunities and create solid career paths for all.

Team Recruitment & Training

Find the missing demographic in your company profile and continue to develop your team’s expertise.

Cultivate Company Culture

One of the biggest indicators of employee satisfaction. Create your full company experience today.

Advance Through Plateaus

Utilize our fresh, objective eyes and new techniques to break through stuck ideas or issue barriers. 

Reinvigorate Staff & Your Company Radius

Intrapreneurship & Co-working

Everyone knows what entrepreneurship is, but have you heard of Intrapreneurship? Intrapreneurship is how we change the way staff contributes to our companies. Intrapreneurship encourages many of the same skills as a entrepreneurs, but it leverages them on behalf of the existing company to create a growth mindset that uses problem solving, analysis and critical thinking to support your organizational needs. It is the best of both worlds to challenge and grow your company talent while developing project ownership and innovation. 

Co-working has been a proven method to encourage a growth mindset leading to staff development, satisfaction & retention…but how does it work in your company? More than just about office space, co-working regenerates staff efforts with exposure to more systems as well as people and ideas. It promotes company leadership across participants and exposes your company to others bringing more back to your brick and mortar location.

Companies big and small get invested, problem solving and contributing staff who are able to innovate and thrive within the company while learning new skills and growing their offering outside of the boardroom to bring fresh, continually developing new skills and connections. (Hint: CapeForward is staffed with savvy coworkers & intrapreneurs!)


Think co-working is only for entrepreneurs and small startups? Think again… Co-working crosses geographical boundaries with ease and develops staff strategies, contacts and promotes a progressive company image while growing skills and satisfaction. We can help you implement a co-working strategy to rejuvenate staff participation, customer exposure & company growth.

Are You Ready To Make A Difference In Your Company?

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