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Knowing How To Do Things Right. 

It isn’t always that we do not know that there needs to be changes in our company leadership, strategies or culture…it is often where to start or how to support the changes being made the right way, all while doing business and preserving company assets & mission.

Whether it is invigorating management with more progressive pathways or breaking down walls between staff, vendors, partners & peers…CapeForward has many ways to blow the dust out of old company practices and bring progressive strategies and new thinking in without being overwhelming or too much change at once. The right balance of change, ownership and support can go a long way in making your company the one others want to work for and do business with. 


Your Technique Speaks Volumes

Your technique speaks on behalf of you and your company to everyone-clients, vendors, staff and colleagues. What is your technique saying about you? Among things like fair or hard working, is your technique demonstrating a balanced approach to both gender and diversity? Are you seeking out a diverse team and creating REAL change in the vernacular and old biases in our society and your organization? In this day and age you can’t ignore the problems biases and discrimination can cause and while it is no doubt not allowed in your organization…what are you doing to bring in the RIGHT way of doing business? How are you elevating, owning and implementing it across your company and team? And how is your team allowed to grow and be exposed to other influences? Big important questions…and we can help you answer them.

Check out our Power Series below which offers a progressive and intelligent system restart from the top to promote diversity, equalize the gender tables and elevate company EQ on how to promote inclusion in the workplace and position your team and company as a leader in today’s business world.


Power Series

Diversity, Inclusion & Gender Balance are driving forces in today’s businesses. Imbalances across companies, whether it be lack of equal gender representation at the top, missing initiatives for diversity & inclusion or unclear leadership paths for qualified staff, make a big difference in the bottom line and success of the company, both internally & externally. Old policies, unchecked biases & miscommunication can all lead to lower participation, internal conflict and frequent staff turnover.

By taking advantage of the variety of audits & training available through our Power Series, you can empower both your leaders and teams with the right language to clear out old issues and reset the table for success and be on par with diversity expectations in today’s world.


Diversity & Inclusion - Balance the Boardroom & Beyond

It’s about more than who is on your team, it is also about who isn’t and why you need their presence for future success. Recruiting & promoting diverse teams will meet requirements & exceed expectations in company sales,  growth, community impact and staff satisfaction.

Gender Bilingual Communications

We think we are following the right rules of communication between genders in business but sense a disconnect? Let’s update company vernacular and how we communicate across teams by getting rid of old polices, subjective review terms and outdated office habits.

Empower & Advance - Women in the Workforce & Leadership Paths

We’ve been ready for this power series our whole lives…We will cover how to debunk common stereotypes, navigate feedback & negotiation traps, leverage our EQ in our environments, find the right voice for our own leadership and get ahead starting right now…

Director & Leadership Audits

Good leadership starts at the top, and so can unknown biases & old habits keeping them present in your efforts. No leader wants to set the wrong stage for staff advancement. Lead the solution and show the community your priorities while invigorating your leadership.

A Few Examples From Our Training Series…

Empower & Advance Women’s Series

A Women’s Power Hour that can drive your success in the workplace has been a long time coming. We will work together and deconstruct current stereotypes and prejudices we face in the workplace like being too direct or too nice and paying a penalty for both. We will use self audits to recognize our strengths and how to leverage them for future successes. We will create an edge in negotiations, discover feedback strategies, develop our personality traits and EQ for success and find our true leadership language to pursue our career goals confidently.

Team Diversity, Gender Equalization & Leadership

It’s never been a better time to do the right thing… Whether you’re following the headlines or looking inward at your team makeup- meeting goals of diversity, gender equalization and leadership paths for all are big priorities. Sometimes the stuck issue or slow growth in a company is due to lack of diverse opinions, outdated gender opportunities or unclear leadership paths. CapeForward clears a path that meets the expectations of staff, leadership and company goals to make your team on par and excelling with the skills delivered by a diversified team. Check out our Power Series to both clear the table and reset it to match equality expectations in the business world today.

Cultivate Your Company Culture

People pick companies known for fostering great cultures. The culture of your business extends beyond what your customers see, it actually starts with your staff experience and is the heartbeat of your company. Despite the hip office trends like ping pong tables and nap cocoons, there are lots of incredible ways to improve your company culture and raise the satisfaction of your staff and how everyone does business together. Attract new talent and retain staff engagement by creating a culture behind your brand and bring your local business to the next level.

Are You Ready To Make A Difference In Your Company?

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